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Diesel Repairs and Maintenance

Now Servicing Heavy Duty Trucks

From brakes to engine overhauls, we do just about all of it. Our seasoned mechanics are dedicated to ensuring your diesel trucks run efficiently and reliably. Our company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and work quality. We have a “Proactive over Reactive” approach to all recommended services. Our mechanics don’t just throw parts at truck when trying to fix something. Accurately diagnosing your problems accurately is something we are dedicated to.

Engine Repair and Overhaul

Our mechanics are experts at dismantling, repairing and reassembling engines for a complete overhaul. Your pistons, bearings, head gaskets, and valves occasionally require cleaning and repair. Our mechanics are ready to increase performance or fix issues when replacement needs arise. We return your engine to peak performance with thorough rebuilds that come with a great warranty – relative to the level of work done.

Brake System Services

As Jeremy Clarkson said “Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you.”. Stopping is just as important as starting. At Revelator Services our mechanics can touch up your air compressors, airlines, air dryers, and slack adjusters. Revelator Services wants to make sure your truck can actually stop as its designed to do.

Suspension Services

Our suspension services ensure comfortable and supported drives on your heavy-duty trucks. Any vehicle stays in optimal condition with proper repair, maintenance, or replacement of vital suspension components. The services include leaf springs, air suspension, worn bushings, and punctured airbags inspections.

Exhaust Systems

Without an effective exhaust system, performance and fuel efficiency decrease and increase the possibility of failure to follow environmental laws increases. Revelator Services provides services, including diagnosing and emission control systems. If your exhaust leaks or you encounter emission failure, our mechanics will address any issue and bring your truck back to peak performance.

Coolant Systems

Temperature control becomes essential to keep your heavy-duty truck running like it should. Avoid overheating components with proper coolant maintenance and service. We offer coolant system services, including coolant flushes, radiator cleaning, water pump repair, and coolant line replacements, and coolant system retrofits. Keep your truck running at the temperature it should.

Electrical Diagnostic Repair

Electrical issues can drastically affect a truck’s functionality. Our electrical diagnostic and repair services prevent malfunctioning sensors. By swiftly identifying and fixing electrical problems, we halt further damage to your vehicle. With our expertise, your vehicle’s electrical system will be as reliable as ever.

Fuel System Services and Maintenance

Revelator Services will help maintain your truck’s fuel economy. Your trucks will receive a major performance boost with our routine injector inspection and replacement, fuel pump maintenance, and fuel filter changes. Prioritizing cleanliness prevents contamination and decreases engine power loss.


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