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Eagle Oilfield, LLC

Welcome to Revelator Services LLC, the first choice for all of your servicing needs in the energy sector. Formed in 2012 and operating out of Stanley, ND, Revelator Services has a strong reputation in the ND energy industry as one of the most honest and straightforward companies you can work with. Please check in with us for updates, as we are constantly expanding the services that we offer!

Our Values:


At Revelator Services, our number one priority is SAFETY. Most companies say this, but few live by it, so we've taken it a step further by creating a whole other company, Revelator Safety LLC. Doing so allows us to have 3rd party management and oversight of our safety program and an in-house SafeLand PEC/Veriforce trainer. We further this by ingraining safety into our culture and encouraging employees to police each other. Having a safety manager is not enough; we believe safety must be a way of life day in and day out for all employees.

Quality & Assurance

You can rest assured with us on the job! We're professionals at everything we do; whether it be Locating, Maintaining, or Building your facility, we guarantee your satisfaction. So confident, in fact, that we are one of the only companies to *warranty our work for defects, quality, fitment, and leaks; if there's a problem, we fix it.


People are the most crucial part of our organization; this includes our employees, sub-contractors, vendors, and customers. Our employees will meet all work expectations in a timely and efficient manner and will always remain professional and courteous to both you and all other contractors working for you. We hold all contributing vendors and subcontractors to the same standards and integrity we demand from ourselves, working tirelessly to find you the best quality and pricing possible. We promise that our work will meet or exceed all expectations you have for your job, but our people will be why you call us again.

*Please contact us for questions & details pertaining to our warranty.

Interested in meeting us?

Visit us! Enjoy a cup of coffee or a simple bottle of water. You can meet our leaders and have a chat as we show you around our shop and yard. Or simply send us a message; we would love to know where you are from, how you heard of us, and get to know you a little better.

Our Oil and Gas Services

Where our dedication to safety and efficiency saves you time and money!

Our Roustabout crews are the best in the industry. Safe, knowledgeable, creative, and equipped. We understand that safety and knowledge are only half the battle, which is why we provide the best trucks, tooling, and equipment we can find and encourage creativity if that’s still not enough. We provide our crews with proper tools and PPE under excellent supervision to give you the satisfaction that our teams will do the job right the first time. We stand alone as one of the only companies to provide a 1-year *warranty on work performed; we promise that if we didn’t do the work right, we fix it!

Our Oil and Gas Services

Where our dedication to safety and efficiency saves you time and money!

Revelator Services offers a wide array of services in both the oil industry and civil construction. Our supervisors and employees are the best in the business, and we take pride in servicing our customers in the most efficient and effective ways possible. As a company, we encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creativity to solve industry problems. At the same time, our safety team ensures that each job gets done safely and our employees get to go home every night to their families. Our goal is to provide you with the most competitive pricing while also coming together to think through the processes involved, working out any problem areas or concerns that may arise before the job rather than during the job.