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Meet the Team!



Ty and Kim Mitchell, owners and operators of Revelator Services, grew up and attended school in Glendive, Montana. 

After starting a family, they moved to Minnesota and spent 25 years employing a combination of resourcefulness and ingenuity to build a network of successful businesses in the real estate industry. Leveraging their experience and network of relationships built over years of entrepreneurship, they turned their attention to the expanding oil industry in North Dakota. 

In each of these endeavors, Ty and Kim have strived to instill in their operations a culture of integrity and professionalism. Building upon this foundation, they’ve continued in their effort to exceed the expectations of their customers, employees, and the communities in which they operate.

Our Team

Robert Ladd, General Manager

Robert Ladd

General Manager
Riley Green, Utility Locating Mapping Supervisor

Riley Green

Utility Locating Mapping Supervisor
Brandon Kriegel, Roustabout Maintenance Supervisor

Brandon Kriegel

Roustabout Maintenance Supervisor
Brad Stroebel, Welding Supervisor

Brad Stroebel

Welding Supervisor
Austin Rusk, Safety Coordinator Project Manager

Austin Rusk

Safety Coordinator Project Manager
Austin Panteau, Facility Construction Supervisor

Austin Panteau

Facility Construction Supervisor

Charles France

Diesel Mechanic
Brandon Pavlovich, Operations Finance Manager

Brandon Pavlovich

Operations Finance Manageer