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NORM & TENORM Services

More stringent regulations are enacted from both state and federal agencies every day; with this, we are particularly sensitive to the impact on you and your company. Not only are TENORMs becoming much more common, but they are also increasingly scrutinized and watched more carefully by state and federal regulators. When issues arise, from small accumulations within a facility or site to large-scale contamination, it benefits a company to have someone to call.

We are fully licensed to survey, completely deconstruct, transport, and reconstruct (paying close attention to future prevention) any TENORM contaminated site. We will always address your TENORM issues safely and economically. With a credentialed RSO (radiation safety officer) on staff, you can rest assured that your decontamination project will be in complete compliance with all state and federal regulatory agencies.

Revelator Services can also help confirm that the TENORM resulting from your operations will always be appropriately managed. We are one of the only companies in the Bakken that are fully licensed to tear down, survey, transport, and rebuild your TENORM contaminated equipment.

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